Our China Team has safely returned to Canada with Great Reports!

While in Welfare Centre for the disabled orphans, the team was divided into four groups and helped out in four different rooms: toddlers’ room, boys’ room, girls’ room and the independent room for children with high mobility.  One of the greatest achievements was that the team helped bring the orphans outside the Centre as it would be impossible without the team’s extra help.  The team made 5 separate trips in order to bring the 5 groups of kids to the zoo, the amusement park, or to the river bank near the Welfare Centre.  The children enjoyed the outings very much despite the very hot weather. On their last day at the Centre, they threw birthday parties in each room.  With the generous support from Canada, the team was able to buy clothes, shoes, toys and stationary for the children as gifts.

Those team members who went to the previous mission team two years ago were so glad to find that the facilities in the building had been improved.  The elevators were installed which were initiated and sponsored by Canadian Christians.  More structured programs were offered now.  Encouraging also was that most of the babies whom they met two years ago had been adopted.  And it was also noticeable that the children’s physically, emotionally and mentally state were in progress.

They would appreciate your prayers for (1) their staff members as quite a number of them have suffered from various health problems; and (2) communication with the local authority as the baby room was saturated without enough caregivers and yet the local authority didn’t seem to see the necessity and urgency of improving the situation.

China Team to an Orphanage to the Disabled ~ experienced God’s Blessing in Disguise

A few days after the visit began, an accident happened.  One evening after dinner, the team was walking back to the hotel.  One of the team members who was a senior in age suddenly lost balanced and felt and was sent to a local hospital the next morning.  The doctor found that her right arm was dislocated and a surgery was needed.  Therefore, she and her husband immediately flew to Beijing in order to catch the flight back to Canada the same night.

At the beginning, this member felt very bad that she couldn’t do much for the disabled orphans, but when she looked back, she saw God’s blessing in it.  First, God’s protection was there when she fell as her face and head were not injured.  Second, in their journey from the Social Welfare Centre to Canada experienced the Chinese hospitality. In return, God also used them to bless the Chinese people they encountered.  As they took their journey back to Canada, those people whom they met including the doctors and nurses in the hospitals, the staff of the Social Welfare Centre, the flight attendants appreciated their love and sacrifice for the Chinese disabled orphans.  The driver of the Social Welfare Centre who drove them to the airport had become their godson.  Their mission has been accomplished in God’s way.