A Visit to Pakistan at Bishop Azad Marshall’s Invitation

Bishop Azad Marshall

Bishop Azad Marshall

Bishop Stephen and Nona Leung and Dean Archie and Caron Pell were in Pakistan recently at the invitation of Bishop Azad Marshall, bishop of Iran and the Gulf, to speak at a conference for pastors and church workers. Because the conference was postponed a week on short notice due to the uneasy political situation, only Dean Archie and Caron were able to stay the extra week for the conference.

Dean Archie reports: “The Pastors’ and Church Workers’ Conference – which included participants from non-Anglican churches as well as from outside Pakistan – was a huge learning experience for Caron and me. Many people came to us to tell us their stories, stories that reminded us of the sufferings of the early church. Women often surrounded Caron during breaks to talk with her. Many pastors and their wives wanted me to pray with/for them, for their ministries, and for ill people in their families. Lots of people wanted to have their pictures taken with us (mostly with Caron) because they were so surprised and grateful that Canadians would take the risk of coming to be with them. It gave us a whole new window into Anglican ministry in Muslim countries. And we also gained knowledge of the difficulties facing Pakistan — from people at the conference, from Muslims who approached us in public to talk with us, and from a meeting with the Governor of Lahore.”

Warmly welcoming to Canada the Rev William John

Good Shepherd South Asian (Calgary, AB) is welcoming its first rector.  Rev William JohnThe Rev William John is moving to the frozen Prairies from Dubai, United Arab Emirates where the average winter high temperature is 23°C and summers average 40°C.  William+ was Presbyter-in Charge for the Urdu/Hindi congregation at Holy Trinity Cathedral in Dubai.  He was recommended to ANiC’s Bishop Stephen Leung by Bishop Azad Marshall who is the Bishop of Iran and Assistant Bishop in the Diocese of Cyprus and the Gulf for Urdu-speaking congregations

Please pray for a smooth adjustment for William+, his wife Aster and one of their daughters Anum; for the speedy issuing of a work visa; and for the securing of a good rental facility for Good Shepherd South Asian.  (They currently meet in a home.)