2013 ANiC Asian & Multicultural Assembly


Dates:          April 17-20, 2013
Location:     Anglican Network Church of the Good Shepherd (189 West 11th Ave, Vancouver, BC)

Keynote Speakers:                    

Bishop Abraham Nhial, an advocate for the “Lost Boys of Sudan,” spoke on how to reach out to the Sudanese and other African immigrants in Canada as well as shared his firsthand escape stories from the persecution of Islamic militants in Sudan.

Bishop Albert Vun, a renowned cell group architect, brought his rich experiences in cell group ministry with respect to church growth in the Diocese of Sabah, Malaysia.

Rev. John Coles, leader of the international New Wine organization from England, inspired us to learn to make room for the Holy Spirit and let God equip and strengthen our churches by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Workshops Leaders:

Dr. Saimond Ip, a church growth strategist & youth pastor from Hong Kong, presented the topic “From Fire-fighting to Continuous Growth: Lessons from 20 successful church-based youth ministries.”

Our local pastors & church planters, Rev. Chris Zoephel, Rev. Josh Wilton, and Neil Van Heerden, helped us understand the art of translating the Gospel in a postmodern world, implementing it, and leading change in local parishes.

The audio recordings and notes are available here.

The photos of the event can be found here.